Ballet Floor Barre 

Floor Barre
Floor Barre
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The course aims to help students to gain an understanding of the ballet technique, this mat/floor based work enables participants to work on strengthening isolated body parts without tensing, as is often the case when standing at a Ballet Barre. 


Entry Requirements

Suitable for absolute beginners and improvers.


What you will learn

Gain an understanding of the principles of Ballet Floor Barre;

Perform a range of exercises focusing on use of the arms and back as well as turn-out, abduction and adduction of the legs with accuracy and control. 

Perform the same range of exercises with attention to timing and musicality. 

Improve body strength and flexibility. 

Gain an understanding on human anatomy and physiology in relation to dance.


Equipment needed


Leotard and tights or close-fitting T-shirt and leggings. cotton socks,  a notebook and a pen